Gel Denture Base

The Gel Denture Base Molloplast – B can change your life!

Imagine a protective layer of gel material between you and your lower denture.

  • It resembles natural gingiva (gum) colour.
  • It’s elastic, therefore it is soft.
  • It can be added to your new or existing denture.
  • It’s durable, lasting a minimum of 2 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are nylon clasps for dentures?

Nylon clasps are made with thermoplastic nylon resin rather than the traditional acrylic dentures. This creates a much more flexible denture that is also able to withstand more impact and is resistant to staining. 

Can I get dentures if I am allergic to acrylic?

Yes—nylon makes an excellent denture material alternative for patients with sensitivities or allergies to acrylic.

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