Stainless Steel Strengthener

Improve the durability and security of your complete or partial dentures

The use of stainless steel strengtheners for dentures can make an incredible difference for many patients. With the help of these denture strengtheners, the acrylic denture base is more secure and less prone to breakage or cracking. 

One of the greatest things about using stainless steel strengtheners is that if your denture cracks, the crack will stop where the stainless steel starts. This means damage is less extensive and repairs are easier to make. Rather than breaking in half and rendering your denture unwearable, denture strengtheners mean you’re still able to wear your dentures until you are able to have the crack or chip fixed. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a denture strengthener?

This isn’t always necessary, but a stainless steel strengthener for dentures is almost always beneficial. It can not only make the denture more secure, but also help save the patient money on denture repairs over the years! 

What are dentures strengtheners made of?

We use stainless steel denture strengtheners at Strathmore Denture Clinic. Stainless steel is known for being strong and durable which makes it an excellent choice for denture strengthening. 

How can I stop my dentures from breaking?

Stainless steel denture strengtheners are helpful for preventing your denture from breaking. If a crack does occur, it stops where the strengthener starts, meaning your denture won’t crack all the way through. 

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